Dr. Gochee Welcomes The Irlen® Clinic of the West

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Dr. Gochee beaming with joy.

Dr. Gochee Welcomes Irlen® Clinic of the West

If you have been to Dr. Gochee’s new office, you might have noticed that she is wearing some “sunglasses” or tinted glasses. These are Dr. Gochee’s Irlen® glasses, a “prescription” tint customized to help with her Irlen® Syndrome.

What is Irlen® Syndrome? 

Irlen® Syndrome, also known as Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, is a distinct type of visual processing disorder that can affect people in many different ways. Dr. Gochee was diagnosed with Irlen® Syndrome when she was 17 years old. This is her story.

When I was first diagnosed with Irlen® Syndrome, it wasn’t explained to me very well. I just had some simple testing done where it was discovered that reading with a blue-tinted overlay made reading much easier for me. I suffer from various processing disorders, including dyslexia and dyspraxia. 

The Impact of an Irlen® diagnostician on Dr. Gochee’s Life

When it came time for me to start Chiropractic college, I asked my parents if I could get tested for tinted glasses so I wouldn’t have to fuss with the tinted overlay. They willingly took me to Chicago, a four-hour drive, to get an appointment with the nearest diagnostician. At that time, 25 years ago, the testing cost $500, and there was no comprehensive explanation or follow-up.

I was very excited when I got my glasses because they made life easier. I noticed that my depth perception improved, and I wasn’t as tired. I actually started enjoying shopping if I was wearing my glasses — and I began to wear them everywhere. 

After about six months, however, the glasses didn’t seem to be helping as much. I noticed that I was starting to have reading issues again. So I asked my parents if I could be re-tested. Another four-hour drive to Chicago and another $500 appointment told me I now needed a darker tint for my glasses. 

My experience with Irlen® Syndrome and cranial chiropractic treatments changed my life.

A few short months after getting the darker tint, I met a Chiropractor who did a lot of “weird” adjusting techniques. He did muscle testing in a very different way than I had ever seen or experienced. He also observed my eyes while I was reading and noticed they were not tracking correctly. This doctor then gave me my first cranial adjustment — and it was life-changing. After just a few cranial treatments, my glasses now seemed too dark, and I seemed to be reading fine without them. As a result of my experience with this “strange, weird” doctor caused me to shift focus in my Chiropractic studies, and I dove headfirst into learning about cranial treatments/adjustments. 

Some of you may know that my son also suffers from learning disabilities similar to those I had as a child, though he seemed to be much worse. Thanks to the growing awareness of processing disorders, it is now easier to get properly diagnosed and get the needed assistance. 

Meeting Dr. Jeannie Dunn, an Irlen® diagnostician, impacted my son’s and my life.

Through my quest to get my son the help he needs, I met Dr. Jeannie Dunn, an Irlen® Syndrome Diagnostician. I was very impressed with Dr. Dunn’s testing and her explanations of Irlen®’s Syndrome. I was also pleased to discover that Dr. Dunn practiced in Grand Junction, which made it so much easier to get treatment for my son.

Shortly after meeting Dr. Dunn, I attended a functional neurology conference, where one of the presenters was an Irlen® Syndrome Diagnostician. This presenter explained how Irlen® Syndrome is a neurological disorder and how a person never really “outgrows” Irlen® Syndrome, they just learn to adapt. 

This past summer, I underwent testing for Irlen® Syndrome with Dr. Dunn. I was very impressed … and very fatigued afterward. It felt like Dr. Dunn pushed my nervous system nearly to the breaking point, but that is what it took to discover the right tint for my glasses. I have started wearing my new glasses every day at the office. It has made an incredible difference. I didn’t realize just how much I was compensating or how much my nervous system was being stressed. I am no longer fatigued at the end of the day — I can work a busy day and go home with energy.

I feel like after so many years of living with half a solution; I finally have some satisfactory answers and real solutions. That’s why I’m excited to welcome Irlen® Clinic of the West. We are very lucky to have diagnosticians like Dr. Jeannie Dunn and Rose Willett here in Grand Junction and at Wellington Wellness Clinic. 

If you have any questions about Irlen® Syndrome, please don’t hesitate to ask one of the practitioners at the Irlen® Clinic of the West or me. 
You are invited to Our Open House Oct. 15th

You are invited to Our Open House on Oct. 15th
Oct 15, from 9:00-Noon Address
2530 N 8th St. Suite #206

Grand Junction, CO 81501 – Snack will be served. (Dr. Gochee might be Baking)
Come see the new office and meet the practitioners.

Let us know what you think…



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