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Provided By Barb Hedges BSN, RN and Bluebird Sky Integrative Wellness.

Barb Hedges

Barb Hedges BSN, RN

Bluebird Sky Integrative Wellness

Bluebird Sky Integrative Wellness

Hello. I’m glad you’re here! My name is Barb Hedges, and I am the owner/practitioner of Bluebird Sky Integrative Wellness. I am a nursepreneur or wellpreneur- An RN that leverages their nursing experience and starts a business with the goal of helping others improve their health and well-being.

I have been a nurse since 1978 and have experience in oncology, med/surg ICU (14 years), home care, outpatient surgery and most recently hospice (10years). I LOVE nursing, but with the coming of the pandemic my body-mind-spirit said “enough”. I quit traditional bedside nursing and went to school. I have always been passionate about holistic integrative care and decided to follow my passion.
I am a Board-Certified Nurse Coach (NC-BC), Foot Reflexologist, Aromatherapist, Acudetox/Acuwellness Specialist (ADS) and am Ear Seed certified. I am also still in training for Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping).
My vision is to help guide, support and encourage clients to reach their health and wellness goals with coaching and to offer holistic modalities to manage stress, anxiety, and physical symptoms.
I would welcome the opportunity to work with you!

Bluebird Sky Integrative Wellness Services

Nurse Coaching

Do you have health and wellness goals that you have been unable to follow through with? Do you feel stuck and without a direction? Nurse coaching can help by partnering with you and using assessments and evidence-based practices to guide and support your journey without judgement and without “giving orders”. You are the expert in your health and what matters most to you. My job is to listen, understand your goals and work with you to create a plan that moves you forward in achieving your personal health vision.

Initial visit 2 hours $90   Follow-up visits 105 minutes each $70

Save and buy a package of 6 visits for $400 (includes the initial visit)


This is a specific 5-point ear acupuncture protocol also known as the NADA protocol. It was developed in the 70s to help detox addicts and has since been used for any kind of addiction. It has also been found to support wellness by decreasing stress, anxiety, and insomnia and to help put the body and mind into balance.

50-minute session $45

Ear Seeding

The ear holds a microcosm of the entire body, and specific acupressure points can be used to treat emotional and physical issues. The tiny gold-plated or stainless-steel beads are held in place with clear adhesive and apply pressure to the point. They commonly stay in place for 4-7 days. 

$40 for 45 Minute session.

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